Welcome readers,

  This is  a blog that fills a requirement for my communication 410 course at Portland State University, entitled “Sex and Media” taught by professor Jil M. Freeman. Each week I will examine five images/artifacts that are easily accessible to all ages that contain sexual imagery and messages.. The images will not be pornographic. In fact I would like my younger siblings to be able to read it, and learn from it. Although the content may be based from readings provided in a 410 level college course, the basic message is translatable for the use of educating youth (anyone under age 18 lets say). The artifacts will include lyrics, video clips from film, magazines, and so on. However none shall be so obvious, such as Maxim, Playboy, etc.  I hope to critically analyze each artifact and provide an academic perspective on sex in the media from the past, and today. If you wish to respond, please do so in a safe way that excludes any hate speech including but no limited to: racism, sexism, or homophobic language.

 Enjoy, and please by all means, feast your eyes and expand your mind!

-Brittany Dohman-Henning

PSU Senior and Communications Studies major


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